Homes, Apartments & Restaurants

You'll find that we can help in any building. Mays Carpet Cleaning in Crawfordsville and Lafayette, IN does a lot of work in the residential field, but we can also deep clean your carpets before renting out an apartment. Ask us for an estimate on one apartment or a series of rentals in your building. We may even be able to work out a deal with you for a large job.

If you have a restaurant with some high traffic areas that need freshening up, we can handle it. Keep the customer's attention on the food and not the floors. A clean, bright carpet helps small business owners make a good first impression with clients, too.

Chairs, Couches & Upholstery

In serving Crawfordsville and Lafayette, IN for the last six years, we have also gained experience with other areas of the home. You can rely on us to revive an old chair or couch with a thorough deep clean. We are able to handle most fabrics, from synthetics, like Olefin, to organic materials, such as cotton. However, we aren't able to clean wool at this time.

You may have a set of dining room chairs that have seen better days. Rather than replacing them, let us take a look at the upholstery on the seats to see if it is possible to revive them. The couch is notorious for collecting dander, pet hair and dirt, as well as food stains from late night snacking. You can take that living room centerpiece from bad to good with our vacuuming and hot water extraction services. If you live in the local Crawfordsville and Lafayette, IN area, ask us to stop by for an estimate based on cleaning one piece or several pieces of furniture in the home.